Mirroring the database

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Mirroring the database

Postby makeworld » Tue Nov 12, 2019 12:28 am

Hello KRPorter! I hope you're still kicking around this forum.

This is a great service, and a great way to identify my DVDs, especially through the API, thanks for making and hosting it. Several other services like this one have shutdown, such as the original Windows Media Service, and dvdxml.com. This makes this service very valuable, especially with new movies still being added each day.

Because of other sites that have gone down, and the valuable content on the service, I'm interested in mirroring and saving all the XML files you have. And covers, if they're hosted here. I have several TB of space available, and would be happy to seed a torrent of them, or just have a local copy in case there are ever database issues on your end.

Is this possible, would you be able to provide an open directory or API for me to download/sync from? Please let me know, and thanks again!
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