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Postby KRPorter » Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:39 pm

Updating to my database is simply inserting the TMdB and IMdB id's into my database so the titles can be linked to their sites. If you look at this title A Beautiful Mind you'll notice the links at the bottom of the description to both IMdB and TMdB next to the green check mark.

The tool I link to is a crude one at best that I had written for myself to use. It updates both my database with TMdB's id's and TMdB's databse with dvdid's. I know there is no instruction and doesn't make much sense, but without any incentive (read interest by others) I never cleaned it up.

To be honest I used dvdxml's api to pull down the dvdid's then queried the MS database for the info for my initial seed. I was hoping to crowd source from there, but haven't seen much interest (other than spammers) so I have fallen short on the updates.
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